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Thread: Expression problem for random text

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    Expression problem for random text

    Well, few year ago i build a program with tgf 1, but now i cannot find the unprotected .gam that got all the code in it so...

    I dont remember anything

    First is there a list for expression??
    I'm trying from a push button to get my dropbox text to be random, i remember using file text and getting the randomized product from there...
    any easier way to get it in TGF2?

    ....trying typing expression like -random line blablabla- ...but i fail

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    First you must make a TEXT file in same path as you have the .mfa file.
    (Ex. MFA path: C:/Users/Administrator/Desktop/example.mfa /// Text File: C:/Users/Administrator/Desktop/textname.INI)
    So open Notepad - Let i clear and press Save As
    Save as whatever.ini (Remember .INI)
    Now go to TGF2
    Press "Insert Object"
    Insert INI Object
    Go to Event Editor
    Make condition Special-"Always"
    Then action INI-"Set current file to Apppath$+"/whatever.ini" "
    Open up whatever.ini (Text file) then write your text!
    I am ...
    My name is...

    -Then Save it!
    At Event Editor make New Condition- "(Mouse and Keyboard //Keyboard//Upon pressing a key)Upon pressing SPACE"
    Then Action - (String) Change Alterable String to ItemString$("Ini","whatever")
    Then Test pressing Spacebar and in String(object) will appear text that you have choosed!

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