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Thread: Clickteam Movement Controller for more instances

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    Question Clickteam Movement Controller for more instances

    Hi all!
    How can I manage many instances of an object with a Vector movement?
    In particular I'm making a bat and ball game that uses a Vector movement for ball, and I have events like:
    +When the ball collides with the bat
    Ball: Set yspeed to 0-yspeed
    Clickteam Movement Controller: Set speed y-component to yspeed("Ball")

    Everything works perfectly with just one ball: I have a "Start of frame" event in which I set Clickteam Movement Controller's object to Ball. The problem is when there are more than one ball. I've tried something like:
    Start loop "control"
    +On loop "control"
    +Fixed value("Ball") = Fixed value("Ball")
    Clickteam Movement Controller: set object from fixed value Fixed value("Ball")

    and also similar alternatives, like using the foreach object, but the result is always the same: after a while, some balls start to respond to other ball's collisions. For example, a ball collides with the bat, and that ball plus another ball at midair start going up.

    I hope I've explained the problem well, and that someone could help me.
    Thank you in advanced!

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    You might have noticed the "Set object" action in theClickteam Movement Controller. That is for specifying which object to change the movement parameters of.

    Also, you aren't quite grasping the use of fastloops, it seems. I would recommend reading the fastloop tutorial in the tutorials section to get a feel for how to spread values amongst your objects. Then your loop action would look like:

    +On Loop"blah"
    +Alt Var ("object") = LoopIndex"blah"
    - (CMC) Set Object to (whatever object you want to adjust with the Clickteam Movement Controller)
    - (CMC) Set property

    This basically singles out each ball, one at a time, and applies the CMC properties you want. It would be a good idea to do your collision checks this way as well (or with the ForEach object) to avoid the "some balls respond to other ball's collisions" issue.

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