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Thread: Should I use Paste into Background for large levels

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    Should I use Paste into Background for large levels


    I'm trying to reuse art as much as possible for levels, which means "tiles" and other repeating objects.. I want them global so they need to be least at the start...

    For a very large level, maybe 10 screens wide, should I leave them as actives or paste them all into BG at the start of the level, then destroy them? I'm worried about making a giant "texture" image.... is this fear unfounded? If I paste all into background (with "no effect on collisions" checked), will it merge them all into a massive image or does it keep them as seperate BG images?

    Whats the best approach for frame rate?

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    The performance would pretty much be the same I think. Added backdrops are not stored in a huge texture. Instead they are stored as individual images.

    It would be nice if you could try it out in a real-world example like your game if there are any performance differences between the two methods. It would maybe be of interest to other game developers

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