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Thread: Issues with "Clickteam Movement Controller" and "Runtime" Object

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    Issues with "Clickteam Movement Controller" and "Runtime" Object


    since installing MMF2 Dev 253 (onto MMF2 Dev build 252 beta 4 with
    iOS and Flash-Exporter) I realized two issues that did not occur
    to me before:

    1. When building an Application with MMF as Final-iOS-X-Code Project
    that includes a Clickteam Movement Controller Object, I always get the following
    Error in X-Code (v.4.1) when trying to compile the Application:

    "Build Failed:

    ! *: No such file or directory
    CRunclickteam_movement_controller.h: No such file or directory

    !'*' undeclared (first use in this function)
    'CRunclickteam_movement_controller' undeclared (first use in this function)"

    Bildschirmfoto 2011-11-28 um 21.02.17.jpg

    It seems that this issue can be solved just by copying the two missing files
    "CRunclickteam_movement_contoller.h" and "CRunclickteam_mnovement_controller.m"
    (which you can get from every MMF generated full-iOS-X-Code-Project) via Drag&Drop
    into the /Classes/Extensions folder of the opened Final-iOS-X-Code-Project.
    Nevertheless, it would be better of course if those required files of the
    Clickteam Movement Controller Extension where directly
    included in the Final-iOS-Xcode-Project.

    2. When building an Application with MMF as iOS-X-Code Project
    (the full version that includes all extensions) I now always get the
    following Error message by MMF:

    "Warning: problem in c:\Program Files (x86)\Multimedia Fusion Developer 2\Data\Runtime\iPhone\KcRuntime.ext

    This extension can't be included"


    The error message obviously concerns the Runtime-Extension.
    In spite of this error-message a working iOS-X-Code Project still
    is created by MMF but only as long as I do not
    insert an Object of the Runtime-Extension to my Project,
    because then the first error message is followed by another

    "an unnamed files was not found"


    ...and MMF does not create the iOS-Xcode-Project.

    Removing and reinstalling the Runtime-Extension using Jaffobs
    ExtensionView Program (v.2.1.5) did not solve this issue and
    even removing the Runtime-Extension without reinstalling it does
    not prevent MMF from showing the first Error-Message every time I
    build a full iOS-X-Code Project. If I build a Windows-Application with
    MMF there are no problems at all with the Runtime-Extension.

    best regards

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    Thanks for finding this. Yes, for the moment, the only solution is to manually copy the runt movement controller file. If you do not add any new extension object to your application, you now only have to build as a iOS application.

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