Color Machine
By Koji_Kabuto

Color Machine is an addictive and very simple videogame.

In the depths of a mine placed a bulldozer to remove gems from 4 different colors, your mission is to collect every gem in the container that matches your color.

You have five minutes to demonstrate your skills properly collecting gems and achieve the highest score in that time which you can then share with family and friends via Game Center, as well as the achievements that you bonus depending on the tasks assigned.


On display are four containers, each with a specific color, green, blue, yellow and purple. The bulldozer is pulling out of the mine gems with the same colors as the containers, you must open and close each container with your finger, according to the gem you're going to collect. The more gems to enter the correct container more points you earn. Every minute you will be alerted, as the machine accelerates the process of excavation and gems fall more rapidly through the cave, that adds more difficulty to the game.

You have 5 minutes to finish your homework, or the machine end of the excavation at the mine and the game ends. The other way the game is over and not allow you to accumulate more points is to lose 10 gems, either not attracted to any container or simply pick the wrong container.

From the second minute the characters begin to appear Aca, Mu, Roco and Edy. If you touch will give additional points to your score, but you have to be aware not to lose focus on the collection of gems. In addition to the characters also have different achievements in Game Center to file and you will discover secrets about each of them.