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Thread: ExtencionView ( extencion downloader and installer )

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    ExtencionView ( extencion downloader and installer )

    I actually explained this problem in another thread, but decided to make a new topic about it because the problem had little to do with the topic of the original thread.
    I am experiencing some trubble with the ExtencionView program ( created by Jaffob ) which should be able to download and install about 480 extencions for MMF2 Standard and Developer.
    My stuation:
    I have just baught a brand new HP laptop with Windows 7.
    First thing i did was install a bunch of windows and HP updates, pluss some general software i needed.
    I installed MMF2 Developer and SWF exporter.
    Then i downloaded the ExtencionView so i could install all available extencions.
    (1) - First thing i found add was when first running ExtencionView i was viewing 'all' extencions and it said "480 extencions ( 408 viewing )". I have not installed anything other than MMF2 Dev prior to this. Im not sure why it does not show all 480 extencions, but i guess it could be that many extencions or object allready come with MMF2 Dev.

    (2) - I did experience a crash when installing all 'new' extencions. The problem seemd to be with the File Folder Object ( illustration below ).

    (3) - At some point i think the icon for the ExtencionView vanished ( illustration below ).

    (4) - I selected all 'new' and unchecked File Folder extencion which worked, but... There seem to be 13 extencions which never dissapear from the new extencion list, although the programm says installation went sucessfull, extencions appear as 'new' no matter how many times i install them:
    Fast add string
    Flash developer screen
    Flash images pluss
    Flash input
    GamerSafe API
    Kongregate API
    Lacewing client
    Lacewing server
    Lacewing webserver
    Local flash connection
    Shared object

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    King,.I just tried installing the Fast add string extension and it's damaged. I downloaded it to my desktop and it was in a rar file,.clicked on it and it said "the archive is either in a unknown format or damaged" So I'm thinking that all the ones you have listed above will do the same thing,..damaged files? I also tried to install VectorialShape and it doesn't show up either.

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    1. Actually, you are right. The extensions that are not being shown are (most likely) built-in extensions. I wrote a script to count how many extensions come with MMF2. There are 72, and 480 minus 72 equals 408. Now, I have no clue why built-in extensions would not appear on the list. I don't recall there being a setting that would cause them not to show. Are you sure all your filters are set to "All..."? If so, I'm not sure how to help you, but you aren't missing out on much.

    2. The File-Folder Object crashes for me too when installing. Thanks for finding which one was causing the problem. I don't immediately see the cause of the crash, but I will do some further testing. For now, you can download it using ExtensionView then install it manually.

    3. That's strange, when did this happen? The program still works, right?

    4. Yes, these are most likely not installing because the files are corrupt. I do not actually host most of the extensions in the database, so it is difficult to find the individual ones which do not install well. I'll go through the ones you listed and correct the problem, thanks for finding them.

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