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Thread: What is the Logic Behind This? (negate object overlapping "logic")

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    What is the Logic Behind This? (negate object overlapping "logic")

    Hi guys!

    I'm trying to get behind the logic of MMF2 object overlapping check. I've made three simple events and still MMF2 refuses to do what I tell it. Maybe someone can explain why this isn't working.

    I have three events for my overlapping objects.

    - [negate] Item overlaps ShinyGlow
    create ShinyGlow at position of Item

    - Player overlaps Item
    delete Item

    - [negate] ShinyGlow overlaps Item
    delete ShinyGlow

    The shiny glow object gets created at the position of the item. That's correct. The player can also collide with the item and it disappears. Good. But the shiny will never go away from that spot after it got created even though it does not overlap an item anymore.


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    It only works if NO ShinyGlow are overlapping Item. Since you take care and make sure that there will always be one overlapping it in the first event, the condition can never be true.

    The logic is that, while actions are performed by going through each object and and evaluating the action, conditions are not. They have to affect all objects or select only those that apply. Unfortunately negating events and object selection do not go together very well...
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