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Thread: [Example] AStar pathfinding for xLua

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    Red face [Example] AStar pathfinding for xLua

    Here my new AStar-Pathfinding Example for xLua. Its easy to use, and I hope Clickteam convert the xLua-Extension to all Runtimes (iOS, Android or anything) !



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    This is a really nice example, thanks.

    For the "Add walls to map" event group it might be better to change the Start loop "Yaddwall" value to Frame Height/16 and also for "Xaddwall" to Frame Width/16 as that way you can easily use the whole frame area rather than use set grid dimensions. Doing that you also then don't need the multi-array set with values in the script and can just have mapmat= {{}} instead.

    By the way i posted in your other thread also -

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