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Thread: Galaxia Chronicles is OUT [Universal]

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    Galaxia Chronicles is OUT [Universal]

    ★★GALAXIA CHRONICLES RUNS BEST ON IPHONE 4S, IPHONE 5, IPAD 2 AND IPAD 3, but it is supported on the original iPad and iPhone 4 although some levels may run slower.★★

    Galaxia Chronicles is a fun platformer game with some RPG flavor added to it. With colorful graphics, cinematic animations and an engaging storyline, you must help Noddy find out about his past and future. Galaxia Chronicles is not for the weak hearted, and is tuned for new devices only.

    Noddy was just that regular next door boy, living in an orphanage somewhere in Rio de Janeiro, he ends up kidnapped by aliens. But his biggest problems aren't finished yet, as these aliens get attacked by another race of aliens, and Noddy ends up stranded in a distant world, called Galaxia. There you must help him find a way back home, and in the process you will make new friends and foes, and find out about your true self and your destiny.

    Super colorful quality graphics
    An engaging and intricate storyline
    Game in English and Portuguese languages.
    Almost 30 minutes of animated sequences revealing the story of Galaxia Chronicles.
    Classic platformer with RPG features
    Learn magical attacks and aids as you level up and become stronger
    35 levels divided in several worlds
    A bonus video to be unlocked after you finish the adventure

    Here are some redeem codes:


    Follow us @eiVixMedia for more information regarding Galaxia Chronicles or checkout our website at
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