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Thread: Surface Object

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    Surface Object

    Has there been any talk about trying to get the surface object to be compatible with the IOS exporter?

    If not i would like to to put it out there as its a great tool to have.
    im only just starting to get a feel for it, but i dont want to spend too much time on it if theres no way it will be able to be used with IOS.

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    Thats made by Looki right?
    Drop him an email and see if he wants to learn some object c.

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    Sorry, I really don't have any time for that right now -- Plus, I'd need a Mac, an iDevice and a developer license! So it's definitely a no. However, there might be an iOS developer that would like to port it.

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    Looki I got all tht 3 and I can provide you access via teamviewer or anything.

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