I get an odd texture tearing effect on my quick backdrop object.

Here's what it should look like:

Here's what it looks like on the device:

(Sorry for the quality, I don't know how to take a proper screenshot).

The tearing seems to get worse over time but in steps. As in it will suddenly tear more and more every 10 seconds or so when the screen scrolls. Odd.

I doubt this is related to this issue but I'll state it just in case it is: I'm testing this on an Xperia X10, which doesn't have proper multi touch (!) So I can't actually play my as intended on this as it uses dual sticks. As a result I have code that uses the multitouch object etc going on.

The other issue I'm having with this game is that the although the performance is perfectly decent, my gunshot sounds only play one-at-a-time as if there's only 1 audio channel. They won't play over each other. Is this a device limitation? I'm running Android 2.3.3. I've got beta 23 installed, but this also happened on the last one.

EDIT: Sorry, I don't mean 'tearing' I think I meant 'shearing', but whatever that's called in the above screenshot :P