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Thread: Beta 23 - Joystick test report

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    Beta 23 - Joystick test report


    This is a more or less complete revision of the Joystick object in Android, includes an example where it will be possible to be seen all mentioned here.

    Frame properties

    When you go from “joystick” to “controlled by an extension” fire 1 and 2 get disabled but the checkbox is not resetted.

    General comment, the ” End application when not in foreground” is not working in project that use the joystick and accelerometer.

    Start accelerometer joystick
    Stop accelerometer joystick

    Try to use this configuration with no success, the accelerometer object was added to the frame, and in the frame properties was set for frame 1 with accelerometer and for frame 2 with controlled by extension with no success, also the start accelerometer as joystick was executed as action.

    Using the acelerometer as joystick does not work for me though, I don´t know if this is the correct setting, adding both object to frame and make the frame controlled by extension.

    Touch joystick
    Start/stop touch joystick

    Using controlled by an extension this action is working as expected.

    Set joystick position
    Set joystick X coordinate
    Set joystick Y coordinate

    Set button 1 position
    Set button 1 X coordinate
    Set button 1 Y coordinate
    Set button 2 position
    Set button 2 X coordinate
    Set button 2 Y coordinate

    Set Joystick and buttons position is referenced to the screen and not to the frame, you may test this in frame 3, also the position is referred to the middle bottom of the images that correspond to the “back” “Fire1” and “Fire2”in joystick images.

    Set joystick mask

    The all masks for filtering the joystick are working Ok.

    Touch joystick
    X Coordinate
    Y Coordinate

    Button 1
    X Coordinate
    Y Coordinate

    Button 2
    X Coordinate
    Y Coordinate

    All expression do required an open parenthesis in the string formula, XJoystick, FireOne, FireTwo,….

    All the position returned are not in the real position of the joystick, for instance in the frame 3 you may see that asking to position the joystick at 0,0 of frame and correspond to the screen, also when you ask to set at the middle which is; 400, 240 you get this position (which seems to correspond to the screen)
    But the hot spot is the middle bottom.

    The Condition include in Joystick

    All the continuos events does work Ok

    Repeat while (Player 1) Moved top
    Repeat while (Player 1) Moved right
    Repeat while (Player 1) Moved down
    Repeat while (Player 1) Moved left
    Repeat while (Player 1) Pressed fire 1
    Repeat while (Player 1) Pressed fire 2
    Repeat while (Player 1) Moved up+right
    Repeat while (Player 1) Moved up+left
    Repeat while (Player 1) Moved down+left
    Repeat while (Player 1) Moved down+right

    But the event- based conditions does not works

    (Player 1) Moved top
    (Player 1) Moved right
    (Player 1) Moved down
    (Player 1) Moved left
    (Player 1) Pressed fire 1
    (Player 1) Pressed fire 2
    (Player 1) Moved up+right
    (Player 1) Moved up+left
    (Player 1) Moved down+left
    (Player 1) Moved down+right
    (Player 1) No joystick action
    Attached files Attached files

    Fernando Vivolo

    ... new things are coming ...

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