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Thread: Please, people. J2ME SDK anywhere??? :(

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    Exclamation Please, people. J2ME SDK anywhere??? :(

    I know I am seriously late, but I am a slightly retro nostalgic guy now.

    I'm into Sony Ericsson, Opera Mini, MiniCommander, VibeJive, PaintCAD, eBuddy, VideoDJ, MusicDJ times right now.
    And it's sad to see that only the 90's retro stuff is "in" while the 2001-2007 stuff is out of the picture.

    I have been looking all over for an SDK for making my own extensions for J2ME even though it's outdated horribly.
    If nobody knows what J2ME is, it's the Java platform for the not-flip not-stupid not-dump phones, but FEATURE phones! Those epic Sony Ericssons that had games of almost everything!

    The extensions I'd love to make have to do with the following functionalities:
    - File I/O for the phone's memory
    - File I/O for the RMS
    - File I/O for the *.jar file's innards (embedded mods in case someone wants to mod my game)
    - Everything needed for filesystem exploration
    - Ability to prompt the phone to open up a GUI form such as text input, softkey popup menu, messagebox, etc. in parallel compatibility with Windows
    - Phone input for text via the keypad and the ability to configure own character set for that as well as using the joystick to finish typing (so I don't need to wait on pressing 6 if I want to type something like "mono"; Opera Mini does it excellently)
    - Binary Object
    - RAM buffer object for making own MIDI files and paint-like drawings so that one could draw their own sprites inside of the game
    - Picture processor for dynamic recoloring of sprites rather than the broken recolor function (Freedom Planet was supposed to have this, but it was dropped due to crashes)
    - Dynamically loading (through File I/O or a RAM buffer) of sprites (Active -> Load Frame), sounds (with pitch modulation; WAV format), music (MIDI format)
    - Dynamically loading and saving through File I/O of Binary Object data, Arrays, INI files,
    - Multiplayer, chat and file transfer through Bluetooth, mobile internet, WiFi internet and WiFi LAN network


    Because I'd love to fulfill my childhood dreams I drew on paper when I had a weak Windows XP computer and an amazing Sony Ericsson phone while wishing my apps/games could do what anyone could code in JDK if enough interested.
    Specifically, a faraway goal is to make an open-world platformer-like phone game with customizable avatars and with compatibility with Windows XP and Windows 7 (and possibly Windows 98SE+KernelEx and WINE).
    Think Battletoads pseudo 3D, Gangsta Crime City car stealing and physics (that's a game like GTA for phones and it's amazing), Super Mario Bros 3 blocksmashing, Minecraft blockbuilding, Deltarune menu/dialogue/chat and Sonic Forces avatar maker.
    I have so many drawings from 2010 through 2013 when I was a teenager and wanted that, but my computer was too weak and many programs were way too expensive while I was surviving on the barely legal The Games Factory 2 limited edition by a computer magazine called Kompyutersky Swyat (I don't know Polish, but Croatian, so I'm trying to mimick it somehow since Polish and Croatian are similar).

    I have been studying the limitations of the CTF2.5 engine such as having to have an Active object that acts like a "Spritesheet Container" for all possible avatars, having to have one Frame with all possible logic while using Arrays for loading and unloading the level objects (just like Super Mario Bros 3 does), having to use ForEach and loops as well as nested loops for almost everything, having to do The Art of the Bodge (like Tom Scott would) in order to do a simple if/else/switch/case/break logic I could do in C++, etc., and even though I dislike this engine's disabilities, I still see potential in this engine.

    I bet that any group of retro enthusiasts who love this stuff and who have the tools and the time to communicate with each other properly (timezones, filesharing, project versioning, Discord/Parsec/TeamViewer meetings and etc. shenanigans) would be able to bring J2ME back to its feet.
    I want to be the among first ones to make it happen.

    Do you have any resources where I could look up to?

    If the latest version of CTF2.5 Developer and the SDK you'll give to me are compatible with Windows XP, I am going to order a CTF2.5 license conversion from Steam to standalone in order to use with my Windows XP virtual machine (since Steam no longer supports XP and since XP is vulnerable to viruses due to no more Microsoft support).
    Otherwise, I will have to buy the exact version of Multimedia Fusion Developer 2 (I think it's 249 or 251 or something along those lines, but I don't know exactly) which can let me do this on an off-grid Windows XP computer for a nice retro experience. Plus, on top of that, I will need that exact SDK version.
    Please tell me what are the circumstances of compatibility and if I need to get any JDK thingies and where I can get those with a preferable J2ME version of 2010-2012.

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    Firstly, this is a very painful process you're putting yourself through. It would be difficult enough doing it with a text-based IDE which has a lot of potential customisation.

    Only things I give hints on:
    • CF2.5/CF2.5+ can still export to Java Mobile. Check the "show deprecated build types" in app properties.
    • CF2.5/CF2.5+ can supposedly run in Windows 98, according to the Clickteam Webshop pages. CT recommends running the Free edition to see if it'll work on your OS. (iirc, Target OSes are XP+ for CF2.5+, while under XP is supported for regular CF2.5.)
    • The JDK you would need, assuming Multimedia Fusion targets those phones, would be decided by the phone manufacturer. It's not a one-size-fits all, nor Fusion's fault. As you target earlier and earlier versions, the Java files will allow less Java language features, so you might hit a point where core runtime java files no longer can be compiled.
    • The Java files can be accessed in the Data\Runtime\Mobile folder, with zip files named as jar files, but you would need to work out how to convert class back to java files. Chances are you'll need to learn Java, and get familiar with how Fusion runs the Java program to compile, i.e. a lot of commandlines. (JAR files also features a META-INF folder which basically hashes the contents, so they cannot be corrupted/edited, so those will need regenerating, should you edit any extensions to fix bugs.)
    • And of course, you'd need Java anyway, to make your own extensions. If you manage to get a class file back to a .java file, you could have a stab at reverse-engineering it. I'm not sure there was ever an official SDK released, but the Android runtime does also rely on Java, so it's docs might be a good guide.
    • Learn to write log outputs, and how to read the logs; in my old Blackberry, you had to hold ALT + SHIFT and press LGLG to open the system log file on-screen.

    I think you're working with limits far too low, so you'll be hitting roadblocks far more frequently than someone with a more recent device, but have fun.

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    Thank you for your response. It seems that it really is very painful. Just tried loading manually-inserted PNG and BMP files dynamically with the Load Frame action and failed. The program would hang. If I include the file on my own without the expression mode, it gets converted into an encrypted PNG format. Very very limiting, I must say.

    I know C/C++ and the last time I touched Java was when I had to make a simple Minecraft mod in 2013. I don't think it would be too much of a stretch to learn Java as long as I can learn how J2ME handles that dreadful abomination called garbage collection as I love to do malloc/free/new/delete/smart_ptr manually.

    Since this is so complicated, I wonder if it could be any use to write my own runtime for J2ME (unrelated to Fusion) which basically follows the exact game logic as my Windows-targetted app. I could translate my events by hand and compare if my J2ME app works consistently with my Windows app since my goal is to load all assets and game-specific logic from the INI/BMP/PNG/WAV/etc. files.

    What would I need to learn to get there?

    Btw, I have obtained the file from somewhere in these forums. Is that enough for me to work with? If I'm targetting Sony Ericsson A2 platform phones (C510, W705, etc.) and some cool K610i and Walkman ones, does it mean I could just download the Sony Ericsson SDK?

    Btw, SE went bankrupt due to the scandal of a security breach in their latest masterpiece phone that could run PlayStation 1 games like Crash Team Racing if bought by a credit card which the security breach could lead to mass theft. I suppose someone hated the harmony of J2ME and bribed a worker to do that. Who knows? It's just a theory. That means I have no way to obtain that old SDK stuff. And I don't know does Oracle supply any more of J2ME SDK and JDK from 2010 for those phones and for Windows XP offline. What are your impressions and what have your experiences been?

    Thank you so much for your persistence to respond to my "requiem" by writing this.
    I am looking forward for yet another reply. I thank you in advance for that one as well.

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