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Thread: Is the Window Object reliable?

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    Is the Window Object reliable?

    I am about to create a project that is graphically supposed to mimic the resolution of the SNES. There are a couple of ways to achieve this, and I am wondering what would be the best one performance and compability wise.

    The easiest way to achieve such an effect would likely be to use the Window Control, which can resize the frame window to whatever desired size. So, to get this nice, pixly feeling I can set my 256x224 frame to be 4 times as big as normal.

    This has the advantage of making engine based rotation of objects possible without breaking the illusion of the pixels.

    Another way to achieve the pixel illusion is to draw each sprite as normal, and then resize them to four times the size before putting them in the game. The game window would then have to be 4 times the resolution that I want to simulate (1024x896 in my case).

    This method requires some extra tweaking. Any movement (by both sprites and the camera) has to be done four pixels at a time, or the illusion will break. Also, I can't rotate stuff the easy way, as this will also make the graphics stop aligning with my simulated pixel grid.

    While the Window Control method is quite easy to use, I have run into problems with it not working on some systems. This was quite some time ago, though, so I don't know if this is an issue any more?

    The resize sprites method is generally more clunky in about every way, so I rather avoid using it unless absolutely neccessary, but the question is whether the Window Control is reliable enough to be used in a larger project.

    Does anyone have any good advice to give on the matter? I am just drawing some initial graphics right now, so I still have time to decide on which method to use

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    Your project would look best using the Window Control Object, out of the two options you gave. I have not heard of any problems with Window Control.

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    What problems did you have with the Window Object?

    It is a key element in a project I am working on and everything has been working out smoothly. (Apart from some earlier confusion with Frame Width, Application Width, Client Width, and Screen Width haha)

    When you say systems, do you mean operating systems or different windows computers?

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