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Thread: Mr Toast hits the app store!

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    Mr Toast hits the app store!

    Mr Toast
    By Brashmonkey

    Mr Toast, YouTube sensation, comic book hero and popular kids toy, is now ready to conquer the world in his own game. You control Mr Toast as he walks through his neighborhood, picking up extra time and speed to get to the finish line. Avoid obstacles which will slow you down, and pickup power-ups to become Ghost Toast, Mini Toast or Mega Toast!

    Two game modes to choose from - Levels and Infinity. In Levels mode, you try to beat levels by collecting coins and finishing before the clock runs out. Each level introduces new challenges like rain, night time, spiders and even frogs! Play well and you could score high enough to unlock 2 special bonus levels!

    In the Infinity mode, you start off with 30 seconds on the clock, and try to pick up more time to see just how far you can travel. Pick up speed, and see how fast can you go before you lose control! Who will be able to go the furthest?

    Life is an adventure in The World of Mr Toast!

    Features -

    - simple, addictive gameplay with multiple control options, including tilt and on-screen buttons.

    - cute, non-violent cartoon action will appeal to players of all ages.

    - catchy, original music by the band Shibboleth.

    - unusual, diagonal travel sets this game apart from others.

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    looks pretty fun!

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    I remember mr toast from Fgl

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    I love the use of a semi-isometric perspective. It helps enhance the clean but simple graphics, and gives the game character.

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