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Thread: Phoenix Atari 2600 conversion remake MMF2 problems with eagle events and movements!

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    Hello Dario and friends! Here is a webpage I made explaining the Atari 2600! You can also download the Atari 2600 MFA which features that flickering limitation when there are more than 2 sprites on the same scanline! Have fun creating Atari 2600-like games!
    Btw, Yes! I had also been using Ultimate full screen! it is a blessing! but as of the time of this posting, it seems that it is not needed anymore with Fusion 2.5+ as they have a proportional resize with black side-bars, which is exactly how retro games were displayed on a wider screen, by Mame (for example), so the pixels are not distorted! BUT for Atari 2600 games, the screen does need a "double-wide" stretch, because its pixels were "2x1" unless you stacked 2 pixels on top of each other! see my page for more on this!
    So for an Atari 2600 mfa, you can go 2 ways:
    1- have a 160x192 canvas which needs stretching (but your graphics will be original in size), or
    2- have a 320x192 canvas (no stretching needed and you will need to draw sprites double-wide on your paint program for later export)

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    Hi Aloan (and friends also!) Here I shared my Atari VCS 2600 Phoenix remake again! (My dropbox is blocked for too much traffic, and I hope it doesn't even happen to my Onedrive!). You can download it, and since you know many more tricks to simulate the Atari 2600 system, if you can (but above all if you want), you could improve it. in that period I created it at 320x200 resolution because I didn't know the tricks to take snapshots at real size (the Stella emulator doesn't give snapshots exactly @160x192, so I have to fix the sprites with effort).
    But I thought it is better that I continue to dedicate myself objectively to my Capcom Play 1 simulation project, otherwise I will never finish it!

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