Hi everyone,

The release version of the build 255 is available:


This patch program updates the following components (if they are installed) :

- MMF2/MMF2 Dev
- SWF exporter
- Unicode version

If any unexpected issue in this build, you can reinstall the previous build, it will overwrite the program as well as the SWF exporter.

Let us know if any problem.

Thanks !


General fixes and new features in build 255

- new 'Extensions to Ignore' tab in the Preferences. Allows you to ignore some extensions when MMF2 starts. For example if you use both the normal and Unicode versions of MMF2, you can ignore old crashing EDIF extensions only in the Unicode version. Also, when an extension crashes MMF at start, the new build automatically detects it when you restart it and the crashing extension is added to the Extensions to Ignore tab.
- Direct3D mode : shaders were disabled in the effect selector for layers.
- Crash in applications with missing objects when the "Display build warning messages" option was unselected
- All runtimes : set animation speed had no effect for objects with static movements.
- All runtimes : fix in the drag & drop object in scrolling applications.
- PC runtime : applications that contain objects without Data/Runtime MFX file could crash when you ran them from MMF2.
- PC runtime : various issues when objects were missing from the Data/Runtime folder when you run applications from MMF2 or when you save them as stand-alone applications.
- PC runtime : crash when you use several instances of the same global object and several of these instances have different alterable strings (this issue had been fixed previously, but not entirely).
- PC runtime : the documentation was not displayed anymore when you press F1.
- Java, SWF Runtimes : the collision detection is now faster.
- Java, SWF Runtimes : sometimes the active object kept its previous animation direction.
- Java, SWF Runtimes / Drag & Drop movement : sometimes the object was not selected when you clicked on it.
- Java Runtime : a displayable extension object under an active object prevented it from being dragged.
- Java Runtime : Animations didn't sometimes end properly during lag/low framerate scenarios causing problems in games relying on the current animation frame.
- Java Runtime : fixed a problem with action points.

Fixes and new features in Unicode versions

- Unicode version : the Edit Box, List Box and Combo Box objects are now able to load UTF-8 text files that start with the UTF-8 mark.
- Unicode version : display issues (and/or crash) in the Event editor when the Execute External Program action is displayed.
- Japanese version : a bigger part of the documentation has been translated to Japanese, the translation of the final part will be available later.
- Japanese version : applications could crash due to corrupted memory due to registration issues with some Japanese names (this issue probably appeared in build 253).
- INI object : new UTF8 option in the properties. When this option is selected, strings are written in UTF8 format in the INI file. This option is selected by default in new objects only, in old applications you have to select it manually if you want to use it. When this option is not selected, the characters are written in the current Windows character set, causing issues for example if you write Greek, Japanese or Chinese characters on an English machine. Note: be careful, you cannot use non-ANSI characters in the filename of the INI file if you use this option.

Fixes and new features in SWF exporter

- Flash : crashes under certain circumstances with the Set angle action
- Fix in the drag & drop object in scrolling applications.
- Fix in the Q&A object.
- Flash : sometimes animations didn't end properly during lag/low framerate scenarios causing problems in games relying on the current animation frame.
- Flash / Active Object : the Blend Coefficient property had no effect on the semi-transparency value
- Flash : Question object was not responding to mouse clicks