Recently, I've been trying to implement a table of data for my current project. It's set up using two Counters, a Global Value, A Named Variable Object, A list object and a Rich Edit Object. Also, a File Folder Object is used, but only for it's flags.

The "loop" I made starts with the clicking of a button which alters the first counter, which in turn "Activates a Group". The group reads:

Counter 1 is set to 2
Only One action when event loops

FileFolder Flag 0 on

FileFolderFlag 0 on
Only One action when event loops

Set Counter 2 to 0
[Rich Edit Object is the cleared, set into position and its size is adjusted. Also, it's font size and underline is turned on. Next, the first line is entered. This will be the top of the table and has titles for each line, spaced out evenly. There are 16 columns in all. Finally, it is shown. When rendered, it should look like this: "Fighter POT FORT etc..." Only underlined, of course.]
FileFolder Flag 1 is turned on.

FileFolderFlag 1 is on. (FFF)
Only One Action when event loops (ooawel)

Named Variable Object (NVO) is loaded with a file from the file List (The list loads before the activation of the Event Group).
FileFolderFlag 2 on

FFF 2 is on

Rich Edit Object turns off underline
Rich Edit Object goes to Line(Counter 2) +1 [initially this would be line 1, below the underlined line with the table column titles]
Rich Edit Object (REO) then goes to character 0. [This should place the caret at the beginning of the line. So at the beginning, this should be at Line 1, character 0]
Next, I render the information from the NVO one part at a time, using "Set Text" commands and "Goto Character" commands with the caret to make sure I'm lining things up with the Table's Title Columns. [In other words, the fighter's name ends up under the "Fighter" column, and his Potential ends up under the "POT" column.] Using the "Str$" in expressions, I am able to convert the values of the NVO fighter file into strings.
FFF 3 on

FFF 3 is on

Add 1 to Counter 2
FFF 4 on

FFF 4 is on
Counter 2 < Global Value "Fighters"

FFF 1 through 4 are turned off. [Which would allow the loop to start again from step (3).]

FFF 4 is on
Counter 2 >= Global Value "Fighters"

FFF 1 through 4 are turned off
Event Group is deactivated

That's it. But when I run it, I find that the Caret has not moved to the line it was supposed to and all the information is jumbled. It reads "fighters nameFIGHTERS 4POT 3PRG...etc."

I need to be able to understand how the caret really works. What am I doing wrong there?

Secondly, though the Global Value is clearly higher than one, the 'loop' doesn't repeat like it should when the FFFs are turned off. I was under the assumption that you didn't 'have' to use "Fast Loops" in order to repeat events, which is why you must use the OOEWEL condition to prevent repetition. Am I misunderstanding this? Do I HAVE to use loops in order to make this work?

Is there a good "Table" Example out there somewhere?

I really appreciate this forum and your input, Clickteam. I've gotten farther on this project than on any other I've tried. So, hopefully, with your help, I won't be stumped again to the point where I want to give up.

The Gullyking