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Thread: I need help with Bullet time(slow down) using PMO

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    Unhappy I need help with Bullet time(slow down) using PMO

    I'm trying to use Dines Bullet Time example so it works with Platform movement object. First off I can't tell if PMO is using floats to move. It seems like it is but I can't be sure.

    I've posted an example file.


    I can get it working with x velocity by using

    Repeat while moved right >set x velocity to 100*timeratio (100 is just an example)
    Repeat while moved right >set x velocity to -100*timeratio (100 is just an example)

    So it only does this when you move.

    And if I set timeratio to 0.1 it will adjust the speed accordingly as well as the deceleration and acceleration.(that bit is automatic because of PMO)

    However when I move on over to using this same type of code for Y movement. It all goes to hell

    First off you can't mess with yvelocity in the same way.

    So I attempted to use the Max Y velocity instead.

    Object is falling > set max y velocity to 100*timeratio (100 is just an example)

    This code only works for falling and it works well enough I suppose.

    However I haven't found a way to get the PMO to jump up the same height when using timeratio. If timeratio is lower than 1 then the jump height is much lower(this is quite obvious with how the code works)

    If I say Object is jumping > set max y velocity to 100*timeratio(100 is just an example)

    It won't work because if timeratio is set to 0.1 then the jump has less height.

    I need to slow down the speed with which you jump not the height.

    Does anyone have an idea on how to accomplish this?
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