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Thread: pathfinding example

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    pathfinding example

    I am working on an idea of building a dungeon style game.
    basically the frame will be broken down into say 10x10 active objects of 40x40 pixels each.
    so the actives will be a randomly placed in the grid, the actives can be walls (that block the player, treasure items, monsters, and the dungeon Exit.

    But random placement of the objects can lead to the possibility of a level generation where the play may be unable to access the exit, if walls were to lock the player in or block off the exit.

    is there a good way to randomly generate this style dungeon room, and run some sort of path finding algorithm to make sure the player always has an open path to the exit.

    any ideas/samples?

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    I have a "Random Dungeon Generation Example" on my website that might be of use to you.

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