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Thread: GET object variant

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    GET object variant

    The GET object works, but it is adding a CR+LF to the end of the response.

    result += new string(ret);

    This line in CRunGet.cs is mucking up my length check on the return. and is not present on GET for Windows and iOS.

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    I see what's wrong. It should not add a line break after the last string. You can change the heart of the function with :

    using (StreamReader lector = new StreamReader(s))
    Char[] ret={(Char)13, (Char)10};
    bool bFlag = (lector.Peek() >= 0);
    while (bFlag)
    result += lector.ReadLine();
    bFlag = (lector.Peek() >= 0);
    if (!bFlag)
    result += new string(ret);

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