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Thread: Xcode - Alternatives

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    I've just tried quickly to install Lion as a virtual machine, it's quiet straightforward. It works very fine, it's no problem to install Xcode and it can recognize my iphone. I didn't go further, but it should be no problem to compile an app and send it to an idevice.
    So it's definitely possible, but beware, it's not a legal route...

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    Mac In Cloud Review

    Okay, I've finally finished everything off and I'm in the final stages with using to build my first app. I'm sorry it took over 2 weeks to get back on this, but I ran into some unexpected delays.

    Getting started:
    The sign-up process is easy but getting connected to the Mac server can be a little tricky. I have several firewalls in place, 3 hardware and 1 software, so if you're running any special security, make sure you are able to keep port 6000 alive. If not, such as in my case, without completely opening my connection up, I could not get connected through RDP. However, what I was able to connect with was the Google Chrome browser option. This works pretty flawlessly, even though they say it is beta. One thing to note here, make sure your Java is current or you will get an EOE exception error until you update.

    Using your files:
    In order to get your files over to the Mac server, you MUST upload them to a file storage account such as Dropbox, or you'll never get to them. You cannot just plug a USB drive in and dump to a share the way you do with a Windows VPN. So, this is a little inconvenient, but it does work.

    Using the system:
    Since this is my first experience with XCode, things were a little clumsy at first, but I found a great tutorial for building your app in XCode that saved my life. The servers are well kept and up-to-date from what I could tell, so you won't be missing anything for your app development.
    Building the IPA in XCode 4.3 Tutorial--->

    Getting the Build:
    After you build your IPA, you'll need to put it into the Dropbox account so you can grab it with your PC. Once this is done, you're almost home. The testing can be done with and they make the process pretty simple. You set-up your account, create a group, upload a build, connect testers and away you go,...only after NOTING; you still have to be an Apple developer and use their provisioning system to get all this connected. Here's the FAQ:

    However, the ad Hoc option is also another way to do this and you can completely bypass if you like.

    Overall, this has taken longer than expected, gee, big surprise. It always sounds easier than it really is, but this is a very functional way to build an app. Yes, there is extra work involved, but it can be done this way. So, anyone looking to just get started without the up front investment of a Mac, this may be a solid path for you if you're willing to do some extra work and deal with a small learning curve. Finally, I personally would not go this route if I did not at least have an iTouch 4 or one of the compatible devices. I can't imagine not being able to ever test my own work on the actual device that it will be used on.

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