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Thread: 1000 Unit RTS Example

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    1000 Unit RTS Example

    Hi all,

    As a follow-up to my previous 1000 creep tower defence example ( here's a (around) 1000 unit RTS example.

    How does your PC cope?



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    It saves as a zip file. If you try to open it as a zip, it errors out. I had to rename it to mfa. It also requires 2 extensions, it might help to list those (or what version of TGF2 or MMF2 is needed to use it

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    Hmm no zip problem for me, could it be your browser?

    Oh and it uses ForEach and Advanced Direction Object, it's made with MMF2 (standard) and I don't know if it'll work with TGF2 because I don't have it

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    It won't work with TGF2, because TGF2 doesn't support 3rd-party extensions. I don't even have to download the example to tell you that.
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    A mfa file for me.

    Using Chrome and Win 7

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    Ok, tested it on a PC that isn't my MMF2 dev station, so sorry about that =) Will check it out later!

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    Stays at a constant 60 FPS
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    What CPU? Mine starts off on 50 on a Q6600.

    Also you can hold down left and right mouse to spawn more units and give it a real test

    NB: I'm working on an instance based version (one unit with different frames/colours) using xLua and might post it, unless I finish my RTS and post that first!

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    Here's another version based on similar principles but with a few tweaks - mainly running the loop every .04 seconds for objects not shooting as well as setting the shoot time to a short random interval, which allows the loop to be run for less objects. It is now possible to get a few hundred more units before a drop in framerate.

    Also included is a less precise version (for experimental purposes) that uses no loops and will easily get you > 3000 units, as long as you don't mind some units not shooting for a while until they get randomly picked


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