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Thread: Some bugs that need to be squashed!

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    Some bugs that need to be squashed!



    There are still a few things which need to be done/fixed (some of which were on the previous list - Only need to worry about level one being fixed... for now)

    1) Bullets fired should be destroyed once they leave the playing area e.g. -50 pixels from border (with no ricochet noise)
    2) New Game Shouldn't show tutorial text
    3) When the player is at the edge of a slope, he can stand on 'invisible air' (the graphics are misaligned)
    4) RB /STILL/ is a layer in front of said slope, where it should be behind the railing and is
    5) When player holds run and up/down, RB's animation stutters.
    6) Hint text is hard to read (and it should only display when the palyer presses down key IN THE VACINITY of the hint text).
    7) Some of the tutorial text clashes with the background (perhaps an opaque background for easy readibility?)
    8) RB's animation when running sometimes looks choppy (maybe slow it down a bit)
    9) Finally, When shooting, the bullet doesn't fire from the gun itself necessarily (you can see this clearly when you jump and shoot simultaneously.)
    10) Control for strafing (currently "Z") needs to be added in the customise controls screen.

    Any help (even if just 2 or 3, would be greatly appreciated and will earn a special thanks in the credits of the finished game)

    Please reupload the file (wherever you want) when you're finished, Thanks for reading - I really appreciate this community's support immensely!

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    These are just suggestions:

    1) just use bullet < X left frame or > X right frame then destroy
    2) have a global variable that is 1 if tutorial and 0 if not, then only display tutorial text if it is 1
    5) probably because the animation is resetting if PMO detects a wall (don't know much about PMO so I could be wrong)
    6 & 7) Make hint text white and put a 50% transparent black box behind it so background is still visible and text is readable. For vicinity - only display text if player is in a particular zone. (with 'test for object in zone')
    9) I think it is firing from the gun but your player is moving upward so it looks like it isn't.

    That's all I got

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    ok, well 1 I could do easily, (ProdigyX had to change how the shot was fired since he changed the platform movement which broke my existing code)
    2) again, I had it working until ProdigyX broke it
    5) - I'll have to ask ProdigyX about this.
    6&7 - I like this idea!
    9) I think there is some kind of lag... (I might consider making it shoot faster - again, I think prodigyX slowed the bullet down when recoding RageBot)

    Thanks Solar for your input

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