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Thread: [Request] Onu Audio add-on: sync'ed up decks

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    [Request] Onu Audio add-on: sync'ed up decks

    Hello, I have had a few projects over the years which have needed an extension like this, as I'm sure many other users here have. What I would like this add-on to do, is have the ability to select a number Decks, have them play simultaneously, and make sure they stay synced with each other.

    This would be very useful to anyone who has tried to create a music editing app, or layered music in their game. I have tried creating both, and have so far been unsatisfied with the results. Right now, I am creating a commercial game with layered music which adds layers as you progress in the level. No matter what I do though, the tracks seem to lag behind each other. I have tried two methods of this already, one being playing all tracks at the beginning of the level, and muting the tracks that do not apply at the moment. My second method was to start playing only the first track, and add on tracks as the user goes along, setting the new track's "CurrentTimeMS" to the current value of the first track's "CurrentTimeMS." Neither of these methods play them in sync, and depending on the speed of the computer, the tracks can be as much as 300ms off from each other (ouch).

    This add-on would help me out immensely, and would open a window for many more types sound and music applications and games to be developed!

    Advanced features of this extension could include:
    - Being able to set all of the selected decks' Frequency Multipliers at once, while still keeping the tracks in sync.
    - Automatically syncing volume together
    - Crossfading tracks into each other, while keeping in sync

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    Dynamic Music like (for example) in Monkey Island II. That would be GREAT!

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