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Thread: Enemy Movement

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    Enemy Movement

    Ok here's what I have. I'm still working on my Aircraft Shooter. So right now I have enemy aircraft that just come down at you using Ball movement like 1943 etc. All they do is come down and shoot in an assigned direction and go off-screen until another is spawned. So I want to make it a bit more challenging by if the player shoots at the enemy aircraft the enemy aircraft will try and dodge the users shot attempt a little. I don't want it extremely hard for the user to take down the enemy jet because that would be frustrating, but it'd be nice if it had a dodge movement or so or even follow your path to shoot at you.

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    You would have to create a custom movement type here and create your own 'algorithm' for the plane to adhere to. I would setup a bunch of sensors around the plane so that when the player's bullet comes within reach you can then give it directions at your own will.

    To make it look more realistic I would base the swift-response-bullet-dodge to some kind of lax timer that can sometimes take a while for the plane to move (kinda gives a hit n miss feel to it). Put your invisible sensors around the plane, make them as big as you want and then assign overlap conditions to them with the player bullets.
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    Danny's method will work, but if you want to be lazy and simple, which I very often do, just have the planes randomly change directions within a believable range every 2-6 seconds. This might sound strange, but a plane's pilot can't dodge a bullet once it's fired anyway. It can only take evasive maneuvers so that it's harder to target.

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