Dear François / Andros,

In the simple sample app shared here: you'll see 2 issues with the iOS Video object:
- Launch the app => the event "stopped" was correctly caught => the picture [stop] displayed is the right one.
- Play the video => the event "playing" was correctly caught => the picture [on air] displayed is the right one.
- Pause the video => the event "paused" wasn't caught because at configuration time it wasn't available in the event editor. Please check in behaviour "Playing indicators" attached to the iOS Video object: the condition "when iOS Video is paused" is absent from the list of proposed conditions for this object.
- At the end of the video playback, the event "stopped" should be caught, and according to the "Playing indicators" behaviour, the picture [stop] should be back... or maybe is it the event "paused"? Then a [pause] picture should be displayed. In our case, nothing changes, i.e. the object state seems to remain "playing"...

Could you confirm the issues about the iOS Video object state? And tell us if we can expect a fix soon?

Thanks in advance.
Best regards,