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Thread: Setting up players/controllers for your game (single player)

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    Setting up players/controllers for your game (single player)

    Hi all,

    I've been asked a lot about this, so I made an example.

    There's a simple way to do it, and also the method that's used in MegaCity which is a bit more complex and allows up to 4 players to 'enter the game'.

    You can also use the MegaCity method for multiplayer games, although you'll have to add your own code to sort out who's controlling what.

    Haven't actually tested these but they should work.

    Xbox Player Setup Example

    It's also attached.

    Edit: Ignore all those extra global values, I was going to extend it to do a multiplayer version but it would of taken me aggges :P another time maybe.
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    This is excellent. Thankyou very much for your recent efforts and capping it off with this.

    I checked out your code on the :simple frame and that's how I originally did it, however I reverted it all when I fixed the in-game pad. Now I have a full understanding of the system we're officially cooking on gas!

    Cheers dude!

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    I'm about to become an Xbox 360 developer myself, starting next month, and this was the one thing I found daunting (I have only one controller and things, testing it would be a pain unless I bought another I don't particularly need), so I thank you for this, this makes things a lot simpler to get started. Looking forward to getting these titles on XBLIG and hopefully getting them allowed in!

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    No problem I do recommend getting a second controller to test with though. Even if you're pretty sure it works OK with 2 you could end up missing something and end up having to resubmit your game (and if people have already reviewed it, they might not be so quick to review it a second time). You could pick up a second hand wired 3rd party controller for pretty cheap I'm sure.

    A memory unit is also a good idea to test the storage selection. You should be able to get a 64 or 128mb MU on ebay for under £5.

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    Thanks colej_uk for this exemple...

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    Hi all,

    Been revisiting xbox development a bit lately. Just wanted to update this with an idea; instead of using just the length of the logged in alias to check if a user is signed in, you could grab the actual alias when they first start the game and store it as a global string. Then when you need to check if that player is logged in, just compare the alias to the stored string.

    This might work out a little better as you are making sure your data will write to the correct profile.

    So you are checking if that specific player is signed in as opposed to checking if any player is signed in. You might need that accuracy in some cases, so I thought I'd post it here

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