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Thread: Stealth Camo Effect - Questions

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    Stealth Camo Effect - Questions

    Through absolute sheer boredom I decided to play around with the Lens effect after playing a bit of Metal Gear Solid again. Of course you'll need the Lens effect installed to view this. Two questions:

    1. When scaling the active, some kind of border is created on the edges of the object which is visible through the distortions the Lens effect creates. You'll see what I mean and at first I assumed it is due to some kind of anti-aliasing. How can I remove this?

    2. What is the most efficient way of giving the object a subtle green tint like in Metal Gear Solid? I have the idea of using a second single-colour semi-transparent green active underneath the Lens active, but that isn't very efficient at all. The kind of look I'd want is shown here, but a lot less obvious:
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