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Thread: 3D Artist - props, and stuff, [FOR HIRE]

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    Excellent work Method. I strongly suggest you keep at it and hopefully you'll just keep improving. What you have achieved thus far looks great.

    Majority of the developers on here are 2D indies so your best bet would be to start learning how to export your models into a spritesheet format. There are plenty of tools and methods out there, let me know if you need any further direction in that department.
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    for sure!
    when i finish the props, and textures i will build out the 2d image sets. I am pretty decent in photoshop so should be able to manage a nice complete package. I want to generate dungeon construction elements as well, so walls, floors etc, not sure if it would be more a top-down old 8-bit zelda style view, or a 2d side view, ala Castlevania style.. or some of each perhaps to give build diversity.

    thanks for the positive feedback! and will be reporting back here as i progress towards a completed product!

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