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Thread: XBox Live Features for people publishing through Microsoft (non-indie)

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    Question XBox Live Features for people publishing through Microsoft (non-indie)

    So I am looking into how the developers of Super Meat Boy and Fez published their XBLA games through Microsoft and I was wondering about the XNA exporter being used with this. I'm aware that there is a Steam extension which is granted to anybody who gets accepted into Steam (which is now a little more likely thanks to the greenlight system), what are the chances of something like this for XBox Live Arcade, i.e. interacting with achievements, leaderboards and the like, for any user who might manage to get in with a publisher or MS themselves? It'd be great to think that truly serious developers could use MMF as their SDK. What's the likelihood of this being possible?

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    I think for an XBLA game its like a normal 360 game. Developers required to join the registered developers program and need to develop their games using the xbox 360 development kit. Then your game can only be published by an approved publisher. So the cost of making a XBLA game is going to be dramatically higher then an XNA game.

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