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Thread: Bouncing ball top view! Help please!

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    Bouncing ball top view! Help please!

    I'm looking for an example to the bounce of the ball for a soccer game with top view, I tried to create something but with no success, someone has already tried to do? thank you very much.

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    Grenade Throwing Example
    Author: PHI
    Genre: example
    Extensions Needed: none
    No fast loops. No extenstions. Just raw coding to throw a grenade and watch it exaplode. 360 degree throwing.
    Move the mouse for the direction. Left Mouse click to throw the grenade.


    This is an overhead view grenade throwing example that might help.

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    The problem with using something pre-defined, in Marv's instance is the animation you will have no control over ball height and collision detection. You could just scale an active based on it's height, you can then detect which angle the ball was hit and vice versa. I would strongly recommend the vector movement.
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