1. AES encryption compatible with Flash(exporter)/PHP/Java(not exporter)/Python etc.

There is AES extension but it isn't compatible like other AES like in Java, PHP etc. I need AES to communicate with Facebook PHP SDK.
There is Facebook Extension but it is better to go with Facebook PHP SDK because of the API changes and full control. I am using GET Object to do that, but without AES encryption, people can hack it.

2. Flash Socket (and other platforms too)

There is Raw Socket but I would love to see Clickteam backed extension to develop because it could support other platforms like iOS and Android. I made my own Java server. I am not using pylacewing because my server is customized especially for my game and better communication with Facebook. Still I need AES to do this. All data transfers are "naked" and some people with wireshark etc. could easily hack it.

3. Active Picture with external URL support

There is Flash Image Plus but It doesn't support "order" and subapps and behaves strangely in some cases. How can you show your picture and your friends pictures in game if this extension is not supported ?

This things are a must, You can't develop a proper social game without these extensions. I really pledge Clickteam to consider this.