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Thread: Scaling for iPhone 5 and iPad - HOW TO DO IT RIGHT

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    First of all, great tutorial!

    For what I understood, for method 2 your frames should be big enough to support all screen resolutions. Is this correct?
    I do have one question, I was building a game in 320x480, with things (like the character) in 32x32, which looks great in a Galaxy S2 (480x800). The thing, is that I noticed that because the aspect ratio is different, some objects, actions, etc. do not show up where I expected.

    I was willing on using method 2 because it seems the best one, but it would seriously affect the playability and there is no way I can have frames as big as 1136x768.
    Let's say my game is an infinite jumper, where I expect platforms to be created in X Pos => random(X right edge). However, if I change my frames to be bigger in width, I suspect that the platforms will be further apart from each other, making the game un-playable...
    Another thing that happened to me, using 320x480 for my application on my S2 (480x800) is that when I create objects at "Y visible bottom", the objects show up several pixels above the bottom of the screen...

    What would be the recommendation for this kind of case?
    Any way I could make something work with a 320x480 aplication resolution? On a Galaxy S2 looks perfect with fit inside and adjust window... but I do not have any idea on how it would look on a Galaxy S4 or S5.

    It's my first time working on a game for Android/Iphone and this thing with the different aspect ratios and resolutions is killing me!

    Thanks in advance!

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    The guide was wrote for iOS, and was wrote for high-res games. For lower-res games, you just need the frames to be large so that if the device either has a much taller or much wider screen size, that it will still work. No idea what said sizes are, though, but I'd say double width and height at absolute most..

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