I just recieved this message uppon running my MMF2 application:

I notice there is a 'Bad Object 123' in the Event Editor now, which has replaced a former Object.
I checked the Level Editor, and ran tests through Event Editor to see if the Object existed in the frame at all, it didnt.

I remember i might have deleted it by mistake many versions ago, but the Create Object Event has existed in the Event Editor untill now.
The other verions have run fin without this message.

I opened an earlier version where the Object was not deleted, i copied it , pasted it in to the current version ( with the warning message ) , and replaced 'Bad Object 123' with the newly pasted Object.

The warning message has disapeared, and the Objec seems to function normaly.
Bad Object 123 is also gone from the Event Editor.

It seems the problem is fixed...
But should i be worried?
What might have caused this?