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Thread: Starling framework

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    Starling framework


    Starling framework have very very high performance for use GPU(graphic acceleration) in flash.Its special for 2D games. Angry birds facebook version was made with this framework:
    please see amazing demo with flash player 11 or higher.

    And now Flash is ready for huge 2D games.
    I really want know that isnt any plan for optimize MMF Flash Exporter with starling framework?

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    That would be good, it should not replace the current exporter however but rather be an additional runtime which is free to everyone who owns the flash exporter.

    The reason is as you say for the demo it requires flash player 11 or higher so you could no longer export to older flash player versions.

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    When it comes to display the objects, we are as fast as possible, we create display lists that are handled automatically by Flash.
    Such a framework usually proposes methods to handle objects (like their position, behavior etc). Which is exactly what MMF does in a -beleive it or not- quite an optimised way.
    Using such a framework would imply a complete rewrite of the code, and might not be so much faster.
    So I do not really know.

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