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Thread: Welcome to the new forums for Clickteam

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    Welcome to the new forums for Clickteam

    We needed to upgrade our forum scripts to reduce the workload on our servers. After evaluation of all the major forum packages we decided to stick with the WWWthreads/UBBthreads package. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of some of the packages it fulfills our needs as a forum.

    We had planned to import all the old accounts from the old forum but in the end the wrestle with the old database was not worth the fight. Please feel free to sign up and claim your old name. All forum users have the right to their old screen name -- If you find your screen name has been registered by someone else please send me a PM.

    Please be sure to check out your "My Home" and adjust the forum to be more comfortable based on your personal preferences and color scheme.


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    Re: Welcome to the new forums for Clickteam

    Sorry a few things like the smiles are broken right now
    I don't know what happened -- It was working then its not.

    Also I will have someone translate these messages into French along with the other messages here in the forum.

    My French is still very bad -- You would think after all these years it would get better but my head must be very hard and it refuses to learn anything LOL!

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