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Thread: New From template

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    Lightbulb New From template

    As the scope of MMF2 is branching out to new platforms I'm finding it a little time consuming when creating a new project as I have to go through the task of opening a new file, setting window/frame sizes and runtime options for the platform. The work around for now is opening a premade mfa template file. But PLEASE, please, please!
    Can CT add a template option from the File New menu. All it has to do is read a list of mfa files from a templates folder.

    Here is an example of the menu
       +From Template+Android 320X480
                     +Android 720X1280
                     +Flash 640X480
                     +Windows 640X480
                     +Windows 1024X768

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    I second that request. This could be very useful.

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