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Thread: mmf2 extension errors from mfas AND exes?

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    mmf2 extension errors from mfas AND exes?

    i just reformatted recently and attempting to run any mmf2 exported exe file gives me errors about missing .mfx extensions as well as trying to open the source .mfa files. other people who don't even have mmf2 never have this issue running games i made or others made within mmf2 but now i cannot run anything at this point and when i reinstalled mmf2 and got all my old extensions, many now don't show up in the list anymore for some reason.

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    You shouldn't get that sort of error when running an exe file, the only thing that I can think is the temporary files which are extracted at runtime are being blocked or corrupted somehow.

    Which version of Windows are you running? Is your user account an administrator user or standard user? Before reinstalling, what type of user account were you using?

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