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Thread: Controllers for 4 Players

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    Controllers for 4 Players

    Has anyone created a local 4 player XNA game that's passed review? I'm trying to get my head round what Microsoft wants when it comes to peer review, and I'm still not 100% sure what's actually required, even though I've scouted the evil checklists, etc.

    I'm letting gamepad "15" work all the menus, as it means the menus can be controlled by any player as required, so I think that covers that - although I think I should change it to only work for the player who clicks "start" at the beginning of the game; is there a preference for XBLIG, or will either do fine?

    The game has solo, 2 player and 4 player modes which I need to cover for and I understand that for playing solo, any controller must be able to be used. To sort this I presume I need to check which controller is selecting to play with a standard check, and then assign that gamepad to that player (to cover MMFs movement) and set a global value to do all my other checks against (such as stick positions and trigger pulls) - so that should allow any controller plugged in to play as player 1.

    If 4 controllers are plugged in, they will already be assigned to P1,2,3 & 4 and I believe the position of the lights is what determines their player number for XNA purposes, and in order to get them controlling a player using MMFs inbuilt movement and my code, I would just assign gamepads 1-4 to players 1-4 appropriately. Is it important that I allow any of the 4 controllers to be any of the 4 players in the game? Or can I just leave it as controller 1 has to be P1, controller 2 as P2, etc.

    Also, how must I deal with signing in? At present I only have one player signing in (my Xbox live profile) and with all 4 controllers activated, I can still play with all 4 players - but to pass review, do I need to have these players signing in as guests or something when it comes to the 4 player game set up screen? I notice this is usually the case for XBLA and Retail games - i.e. once you select to play local multiplayer, "P1" is naturally already there, and can select a character, etc - then once another controller presses Start or A to join, it will open the sign in box for a guest or player (edit - I can't have a guest playing the game? Only existing accounts will work - how do I allow "Guests" as per other games) - and then allow them to select characters etc. As I just have 4 fixed players, do I just have to keep track of how many players are in the game, then when someone presses start on the controller, see what the next open slot is, and set them to that player or can I just leave it as controller 2 will appear in the P2 slot, etc.

    I will also be using an INI to record settings - I assume that only one of the players on a machine would have purchased the game, so do I only worry about saving data to that profile? Is this okay, or do I need to allow every controller the ability to purchase and save?

    Sorry for the long thread with multiple questions embedded within, but it seems I have to be very particular in order to get it passed and want to make sense of everything.

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    Well it is all in your code.
    - 1st. Detected which gamepad is connected and affect a gamepad number for the porgram (%0001=1, %0010=2, %0100=3, %1000=4).
    - In the same time, affect a name to eadh plater
    - In your game, you should test each one of the players depending on what you learned from the title screen. Player 1 might be %0010 (two), player 4 might be %0001. Every of this info should be store in global variables
    If yo do that already, this should make things better for agreement.

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