For some reason multi touch isn't working on my MMF... I place three objects and for some reason it only detects the first touch, and seems to make up random positions for the other touches. In the Windows runtime it places touch 2 sort of 'opposite' to touch 1, as if I'm holding CTRL, but I'm not holding CTRL. I have multiple touch enabled for the frame. What's going on?? This didn't happen before, but now it happens on every app where I try multitouch??

EDIT: Seems to be my programming, I am using:

Start of Frame: Spread Value 0 in ID(Touch Interpreter)
Touch ID(Touch Interpreter) is active: Set X,Y to XTouch ID(Touch Interpreter), YTouch ID(Touch Interpreter)

If I switch it instead to Touch 0 is active + ID(Touch Interpreter) = 0 and so on for however many touches I have, it works like normal again.

However I have used this method before and it has worked, which is strange...

But note that the former method does work in iOS but not in Windows, so it becomes a pain to test. Perhaps it should be looked into as the former method is much cleaner code.