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Thread: Trouble Using ini

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    Unhappy Trouble Using ini


    I cannot figure out how to save to ini files. I've been through various tutorials but for some reason the proper way to use ini seems to elude me. For my latest game, I set it up so that at the start of every level (frame) it would set the ini value to number value corresponding to the number frame it is. At the beginning of the game i have a load button which sets the frame number to that of the ini value.

    I figured it would work with this setup but when I tested it, the load button did nothing, so I am not sure where I'm going wrong. I attached a file with part of my game


    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    1. Make sure the ini file has some value set that is not equal to 0 or "". The ini file will only create when there is actually a value that isn't null.

    2. You need to set a group name and item name... If you look in the help file for the Ini object, it says "set value" is used to set a value for the current group/item... But you never set any group/item. The best thing to do here is just use the "Set value (group - item)" action. Then you choose a group name... It can be anything... This is just to categorize it into a group... like "LoadFrame"

    Then you choose a name for the value you're saving. So like "FrameNumber". Then you set the value to what you want. In this case, the value corresponding to the frame number. The ini file will then look like this:


    (4 being the frame number value you saved)

    Then you can load that by just selecting that group and then loading that FrameNumber item.

    Basically it's just setting a category for the value to be stored in, and then a name for that value. Like a key. You can't just "save this value to a file" because you need to somehow be able to recall that value later... That is where the group/item name comes in.

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