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Thread: Alternatives to Edit box?

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    Alternatives to Edit box?

    Just curious, is there perhaps plans to introduce an alternative extension to the edit box for the Android runtime?

    I've got my small games running quite well now on Android 2.3 with build RC3, just a couple of random crashes to sort out, but besides those, I find that the biggest obstacle for me in porting these games from flash, iOS and Windows Phone versions onto Android actually come from the use of edit box, which I tend to use quite a lot both as single line and multiline. The edit box behavior is rather different on Android (2.3) than in other runtimes, e.g. regarding sizing and some visibility issues.

    Some similar extension like the edit box but with improved functionality would be very useful.

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    My game isn't working with an Edit Box (on the Nexus 7) !?! -> Black screen !!!
    When I delete it from the game, the game appears on the screen !
    So it means there is an issue with the Edit Box !?!
    How to solve that because I need it a lot for eucational games !?! Thanks for help...


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