So! I had a chance to test the exporter on some more powerful devices today. Since I'm currently testing it on a severely underpowered, low res device (my girlfriend has my Nexus 7) and getting the issue where half of the graphics don't render after downscaling, I'd been held back for a while, but today I was able to take my computer to my neighbour's where he is brandishing a shiny new Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, and uses the original Galaxy Note phone.

I have to say that compared to when I was running the exporter on the Advent Vega tab and Galaxy Tab 8.9 after that, the exporter is running gorgeously now. AWESOME Land, MANOS and Froggia all run like a dream and most of the issues I have been able to report in the past have been fixed elegantly.

In fact, I couldn't spot a thing wrong on either device aside from the string compare I reported a little while back (I use a string to store information on objects which must be destroyed if that string contains that object's specific value somewhere within it, on the Android runtime, that object is always destroyed whether the string contains it or not), and it's running impressively smoothly.

My games were 99.9% release-worthy on it, the 0.1% being the lack of the ability to embed fonts, I'm hoping that this will be possible soon, otherwise I'll have to start adding text blitting engines which aren't great for the RAM. I did notice the occasional 1-pixel gap between backdrop objects that are supposed to touch in AWESOME Land as well.

James and Yves, and anybody else involved here, you should be proud. This is extremely sturdy now, despite Android's fragmented nature. Seems like the only true issue I'm finding is the graphic errors on devices which have to downscale the app.