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Thread: [RC 3 ] Scrolling display bug.

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    [RC 3 ] Scrolling display bug.

    I'm not sure if this is my coding or not but I can't seem to fix it and it renders fine on windows.
    This is quite a severe one.

    What I've done is made a level 8000 pixels wide.
    I use fastloops to draw a random level adding an active as a backdrop and moving it accordingly to draw the level.
    It seems to render fine until you scroll.

    What happens is the first part of the window ( 800 pixels wide ) continually renders over the next part of the screen.
    Almost as though it is a separate later but it is not and is slows the app right down.

    I've added a screen shot to demonstrate this.
    There should only ever be 1 top and 1 bottom line but the first "screen width" of backdrop constantly displays all the time and the actual main screen only renders when scrolling.
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    I've copied some changes from the iOS runtime to Android, and it seems to have fixed this. Very weird bug.

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