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Thread: Sword Fighting

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    Sword Fighting

    I'm trying to emulate the style of sword fighting in games like LOZ: Link to the Past or any of the similar 3/4 top-down perspective releases.

    For any of you who don't know what I mean, I want to have a combat system where if the players weapon and an enemies weapon collide there is a *clink* noise and both parties are pushed slightly backwards(or possibly one or the other based on their strength stat).

    In the game I'm currently making(It's a sidescroller not a top-down) my players arm is its own object and is responsible for the players attacking and I was thinking of doing the same for enemies, but was unsure how to implement that with multiples of foes.

    Any suggestions welcome

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    I'm assuming certain things- like that your "hero" is an eight-direction object, and that the "sword" object faces the same direction as the player. One way would be something like this:

    When collision between "player's sword" and "enemy's sword"


    > Play sound "clang"
    > Set direction of "hero" to ("current direction of hero"+16) (This will make the player move in the opposite direction from what they were facing)
    > Set direction of "enemy" to ("current direction of enemy +16)
    > Set speed of hero to 50
    > Set speed of villain to 50

    I would note that I think this would make the "hero" and "villain" seem to turn around when they hit each other's swords, which may not be the visual effect you want. A work-around would be to have an invisible object that dictates the hero's x and y position that would change the hero's position when it was knocked back without directly affecting the hero object's direction.

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