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Thread: Tree Control problem

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    Tree Control problem

    I have a Tree Control object in my application which reads the contents of the C Drive and saves the output in a file. the problem is only the top two levels are read.

    By that i mean i can see the Root of the C drive the program files folder, the windows folder and all the other folders i have there. in these folders i can only see the top level folder of each grouping. For example:

    - C:
    ..-Program files
    ...Microsoft Games
    ...Microsoft Office
    ...Multimedia Fusion 2

    I need to be able to see EVERY Subfolder and file on the Drive. Any ideas???

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    Hi lembi2001,

    sorry for the late.
    this is my answer :
    Condition :
    Start of the frame,

    Action of Tree Control :
    Explore "pathname",1
    ,1 means (explore on the subfolder too)

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