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Thread: Can't download on the files archive forum

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    Can't download on the files archive forum


    I didn't know where to post this, so I do that here. I'm not be able to download mfa files on the files archive forum. When I download one, it takes one second to download and the mfa file is "0 ko".

    I tried at home, and at work (not the same provider) and I have the same problème. Tried to disable antivirus etc..., the problem is the same. Is there something wrong ?

    Thank you !

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    Is it when you try to download old uploads?
    Perhaps some of them got corrupted when we moved forums.

    If you can put a note in those threads when you try to download then we can go thru and see if we can reupload the file.
    (Or maybe people can make a new version thats even better then the old examples)

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