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Thread: Embedded Font Problem

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    Question Embedded Font Problem

    Hi everyone -- I'm trying to export an SWF game with an uncommon typeface (Joystix Monospace), so I'm trying include it as the embedded font. Every time I try to build it, however, I get an error message.

    Loading configuration file C:\Program Files (x86)\Multimedia Fusion 2\Data\Runtime\Flash\Flex\frameworks\flex-config.xml
    C:\Users\X\AppData\Local\Temp\Fla8372.tmp\RuntimeF lash.mxml(33): Error: exception during transcoding: Font for alias 'EmbJoystix Monospace' with plain weight and style was not found by family name 'Joystix Monospace'

    [Embed(systemFont="Joystix Monospace", fontName="EmbJoystix Monospace", mimeType="application/x-font")]

    C:\Users\X\AppData\Local\Temp\Fla8372.tmp\RuntimeF lash.mxml(33): Error: unable to build font 'EmbJoystix Monospace'

    [Embed(systemFont="Joystix Monospace", fontName="EmbJoystix Monospace", mimeType="application/x-font")]
    From what I can tell from earlier posts, the SWF Exporter doesn't like certain fonts...but does anyone know why? And what kinds of fonts do work? No matter what I try to embed, I seem to run into snags.

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    I found this for you and I've never had an issue with any font. A work around is make the text in your game active objects or background objects to display the text.

    When you select SWF file for Adobe® Flash® Player as build type, a new property, Embedded fonts appears in the application properties. Click on the EDIT button to open an edit box.

    To insert a font, simply type its name on each line of the list. You can specify some attributes, separated by a comma :

    Italic : makes the font italic
    Bold : makes the font bold
    Antialiasing : performs an anti-aliasing when texts using this font are displayed, ensuring a smoother display.
    If you plan to use one font in both normal and italic, you must specify the font twice in the list, one without the italic attribute, one with it.

    Example of font lists :

    Tahoma, Bold, Antialiasing
    Tahoma, Italic
    Bardang, Antialiasing

    The embedded fonts will be used in the string and hiscore objects, if they use this font. Underline is not supported in embedded fonts, as well as striked out.

    When you build your application with embedded fonts, the compiler extracts the font design from the font on your system, processes it, and includes it in the SWF file. This process can be very long, specially for international fonts with lots of characters (it can reach several minutes). Embedding a font also increases the size of your application. The size increase can be big (several megabytes).

    Some fonts cannot be embedded in SWF files, if they cannot be resized, or if the Italic or Bold property is not defined in the font. In this case, the build of your application will fail, without an error message. Therefore it is a good idea to insert the fonts one by one, and check each time that building the application works.

    Basically, embedding font should be done at the end of the development of your application.

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