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Thread: [MARKETING] Pay Facebook Ad on Facebook mobile app

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    [MARKETING] Pay Facebook Ad on Facebook mobile app

    Hello again my friends,

    Someone here already saw the apps ad that show on mobiles facebook app?

    Seen to be a good marketing spend, the ad shows on a mobile display like a normal post on timeline and have a big banner with a description and a download button.

    I want to use this marketing utility using my game, but seen that you need to install the facebook SDK on your game then create a campaign and associate with the app, can someone comfirm this?

    More info:

    Best regards my friends!

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    No. You can simply just place an ad by using the URL of your iOS app and targeting only iOS users you'd (e.g. iPad 2, iPad 3, iPhone 5, etc.). Type Ads in the Facebook toolbar and past your app store URL.

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    If you add the SDK you get to track installs and track the users using your app. I did it in my app "Rodent Rush" and it works quite well. However the ads are only effective if your app is free. For $100 I got 97 installs, so I'd say it works quite well.

    You don't have to use the SDK to use the ads though, but then you won't be able to see how well your campaign is doing.
    I recommend installing the SDK anyway though because the data could help you determine your target audience.

    Also I use flurry for my analytics and it works great! It's easier to setup than facebook SDK too.

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